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Hi friends, I have already removed the existing door and in the process also damaged some stucco and also the existing stucco mould. I think repairing stucco is beyond me and so come up with a plan. The door jamb is 4.5 deep and the stud is 3.5 deep, also the drywall inside is 0.5 thick. I will make the inside jamb flush with the drywall, so then the jamb will stick out 0.5 from the stud on the outside. To make the stud flush with the jamb, I will nail 0.5 thick plywood on top of the stud. I will use 1 thick redwood (or P/T wood) as the brickmoulding and install it to butt against 3/4 thick stucco. First I will mark with the redwood and cut the stucco with diamond blade to make it straight, and then insert building paper to cover stud and door jamb. Because I already made the stud and door jamb flush, I will just screw (with deck screws) the redwood to the stud and door jamb and butt against stucco. Then I will seal all the joints with PL caulk. Finally paint the door jamb, redwood mould, door with external & waterproof paints. My questions: 1. how does water get through stucco? 2. Will there be water drops inside stucco? 3. I only insert building paper to cover the jamb and stud. Is it enough to protect them from water? 4. Also on the head of the door, should I insert something (drip edge?) to direct water out? 5. Do you think if the plan work? If not, why? I appreciate your advice greatly. Bill
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: BENJAMIN BAILEY (Bellingham, WA), 01/08/2019

Those are all pretty much low-end windows. When I was back in VA, Window World actually used the same windows as HD, only under a different name. Those windows are sold at a pricepoint, not on quality. You need to step up to the top option/series in any of those brands. Not that they probably won't be better than what you have now, and not that they aren't ok, just not the greatest. I wouldn't have a Pella in my garage though. The others are pretty much the Hyundai Accents of windows. Basic, cheap, not the best quality. Will they do the job, yep, do they have pretty good warranties, yep....would you want to drive them....that's up to you. Unless your budget is severely limited, I would suggest you need to look upscale a little bit. Maybe some of our Pro's will have some brand recommendations later. I sold many many AC windows from HD, and overall people were happy with their purchases. The majority of problems were with ordering and manufacturing errors. Some folks apparently had much higher expectations and were never going to be satisfied. What do they expect from a $125 window?

- ANGEL BYRD (Albany, NY), 02/06/2019

Rather than cutting the stucco back to where the anticipated edge of your trim will be, you will probably be better off cutting a rabbet in the outside edge of your trim so that it actually laps OVER the stucco edge. This technique (and other precautions like incorporating new housewrap and window flashing tape into the old WRB) was featured in the article Replacing Doors in Stucco in the 7/07 issue of Journal of Light Construction. I'm not a big fan of this technique but in some cases its probably the best alternative. Also, if you are going to paint the trim, Azek or Versatex might be a better alternative to wood trim. Please don't use PT wood as trim!

- MARSHA LOVE (Elgin, IL), 02/15/2019

P1060286 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! XSleeper and marksr, Thank you very much for your advice. I am attaching a photo of the door. The photo can clarify many questions I asked so please take a look give more advice. XSleeper, how do I get a copy of the article you were talking about? I want to do the wrap and flashing right as well. Do you mean it is not a good idea to paint redwood? what material is the trim you mentioned? The particular trims are not sold nearby. Again about stucco: my stucco wall has many hair like cracks vertically. Should I ask professional to seal them and then paint it waterproof? Then will it not be breathable? BTW, I locate in the bay area where the weather is mild and there is not a lot of rain (except in winter).

- DONNA S (Denver, CO), 03/06/2019

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